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Tate Auto Center breaks down the differences between buying and leasing a new Ford

Are you looking to take home a new Ford from Tate's Auto Center? If so, then you have a lot to consider during the researching and shopping process, and the most important point is financing. Buying and lease are the two choices to keep in mind as you browse our online selection from your home in Show Low, or nearby Winslow, AZ. Below are the pros and cons of each financial avenue, and on this page we'll help you decide which is the best for your needs and budget.


Pros and Cons of Buying

Buying a vehicle means you'll have it for the long run and plan on paying down the entire amount, unless you do a trade-in or private sale beforehand. Even though you'll be paying more each month than you would with a lease, within five or six years on average you will have the car paid off and have no monthly payment!

When you buy a vehicle you also have more flexibility. You can service it on your own schedule (though we always suggest sticking with manufacturer's suggestions), customize it to your heart's desire, and drive it as much as you want.

Some downsides to buying include higher maintenance costs since you'll have the vehicle for many years and having looks or technology that will become a little outdated.

Pros and Cons of Leasing

Unlike buying, leasing is a form of short-term "ownership". Most leases last for three years, and since you aren't paying off the entire vehicle you have a smaller monthly payment. This is ideal for drivers on a budget who still need a reliable car to get from their home in Snowflake into work or those who want a top trim level at a more affordable cost.

Leasing is also an attractive option for those who gets bored of their vehicle easily. In just three years they can get into a new model that has the latest amenities and styles! While getting into new leases ever cycle means you'll always have a monthly payment, that is a con that certain drivers are willing to accept.

The one big thing to remember with leasing is there are mileage limitations, and they're usually around 12,000-miles per year. If you have a short commute from your Winslow home and don't spend a lot of time behind the wheel then this shouldn't be a problem, but road-trippers and those who drive distances for work wouldn't be a good candidate for leasing and might fall victim to the costly overage charges.

For more information on financing your next new Ford, or to go on a test drive, stop into our Holbrook dealership this week!